Google Rank Brain and How It Affects Your SEO

Greg Corrado, a senior scientist in charge of research at Google made it clear in an interview published by Bloomberg that some of the millions of queries people type into Google search have been interpreted by Rank Brain, an artificial intelligence structure. He also went ahead to confirm that Rank Brain is the third most significant ranking signal after content and link.

What is Rank Brain?

Invented by Google to help in processing of its search results, Rank Brain is an artificial intelligence system that uses machine learning.
Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence where processor programmes are created in a manner as to allow them to instruct themselves how to develop and change following various search queries. Rank Brain is more effective at establishing the reason and significance behind complicated queries.
Rank Brain can dissect large quantities of written data and putting them into mathematical entities recognisable by a computer system. Whenever Rank Brain comes across a word it is not familiar with, it uses its stored information to suggest similar phrases or words and thereafter filter the results accordingly.

The Purpose Served by Rank Brain

Rank Brain plays a key role in handling inimitable questions or uncertain queries that have never been submitted to the search engine before. Due to the increasing demand from its customers, not only to display search queries, but also ensure that those results are credible and add value to the end user, Google has resorted to machine learning process. Through Rank Brain, Google can improve the quality of search results.
In an experiment conducted, Rank Brain was tasked to look at a number of pages and give a prediction of the pages that would rank at the top of Google search results. In the context which also featured humans, Rank Brain accurately guessed 80{bf2adae1551c4a09b79a165ab6d55319a8ac932c8e3b3f0cee72a593e1c7ac96} of the time while the humans guessed 70{bf2adae1551c4a09b79a165ab6d55319a8ac932c8e3b3f0cee72a593e1c7ac96} of the time. This shows the superiority of this search software and the need to explore it more.
Google factors in hundreds of ranking signals when determining the most functional search results and the order in which they are to be displayed. Rank Brain is one of these signals and overtime, it has proved to be tremendously effective hence its third position in ranking significance according to Google.

How Rank Brain Impacts Your SEO

If you are a search engine optimisation professional, Google will gladly rank your website if you are using the proper white hat SEO techniques. Google truly want to see an optimised website both on-page and off-page complete with great content. Duplicate content and spammy links will get you automatically penalised by the search engine and in extreme cases pushed to Google sandbox where your users will no longer see you.
Based on the pace that the Google algorithm is working to determine quality sites to display, there are projections that this growth may overtake the ability of the Google developers themselves to determine what the search engine is doing.
The best way to stay on the safe side as a business owner, online marketer, or digital professional is simply to give your clients what they are asking for. If you can successfully generate grand content that has immense user experience, then you are bound to stay at the top irrespective of changes in algorithm. Happy customers translate into a happy Google.
Your keyword definition strategy must be linked to your business and what your customers are actually searching for. This is the cornerstone of a successful SEO campaign. If you make a mistake of targeting keywords your customers are not searching for, your campaign is bound to be a total failure right from the beginning.
Unlike the mathematical algorithm initially used by Google’s software engineers to determine ranking, Rank Brain is a continuous learning and changing algorithm. This means your SEO campaign needs to be flexible enough to adapt to changes in search engine rankings landscape.

How We Can Help

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