Website Maintenance

OKDOKEY provides managed website services to ensure that your website is always available and your CMS platform and plugins are up-to-date.
When you move to our hosting, Our Managed hosting services ensures your website is secure and your environment current.
Here is what we do in Website Maintenance:

Uptime & Security

Okdokey uses industry standard monitoring tools, security software, and expert services of hosting partners to ensure your website is available 24/7. With the latest in monitoring services we always aware of a website outage. Our hosting partners provide round the clock server monitoring. we help prevent and troubleshoot malicious activity on your website by uploading security plugins, dual authentication, and server-side software to “blackhole” the IP addresses of potentially malicious users.

CMS Maintenance

The primary purpose of content management system core update is security. Backups are taken before any update and care is taken to ensure minimum downtime.Regular plugin updates are required as they can conflict with latest CMS updates or custom website code.

Content Updation

Don't have the time to update content or images ? We will be happy to do it for you. Send us the content or images you want to add up to give your website a fresh look and we will do it for you.

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