What Google Doorway Ranking Penalty Means For SEO and Branding

In as much as doorway pages are not a common occurrence in Google search results, the search engine believes that these pages still pose a ranking and quality problem. Through their official Google blog, the search engine announced an imminent penalty for doorway pages. This has made SEO professionals and website administrators to ask themselves and their clients – what Google doorway ranking penalty means for SEO and branding.

According to Google, doorway pages refer to web pages specifically created to influence the ranking on search engine results pages. For instance, visitors may input a certain search term only to get a list of results which lead to the same website. When the searcher clicks on one of the results, he is led to the target site and if he does not like it and clicks on the next result, he is still directed to the same site as before. This can frustrate web traffic.

Why Google is Penalising Doorway Pages?

Google has made an observation over time that certain webmasters and search engine optimisation professionals use unethical methods to maximise their sites search footprints. Most of these sites do not deliver value in their content but are optimised to take advantage of search algorithms. The page owners have created pages on multiple domains and in different sections of an individual website so as to rank for multiple terms and occupy as many positions as possible on search engine results pages. This is precisely why Google is penalising doorway pages.

Google has a mission to enhance the quality of content available on the web and this by extension means weeding out pages with poor user experience. If you have been wondering what Google doorway ranking penalty means for SEO and branding, the writing is on the wall; the coming algorithm change will affect those pages which in the view of Google qualify as doorway pages and to an extent the entire site where these pages are located. This can be a major blow to online retailers and niche marketers hence the need to employ a professional SEO company that will help you identify the doorway pages and advise you on a remedial course of action in case you are penalised.

In the eyes of many professionals, this penalty is an extension of Panda algorithm updates which Google has been releasing since 2011.

Marketers now more than ever before are challenged to rethink their content strategies and how they affect the overall health of their websites. Even if there is no any reason why Google is penalising doorway pages, quality and value are virtues that every marketer needs to internalise in all their endeavours.

What Google Doorway Ranking Penalty Means For SEO and Branding

How to Identify Doorway Pages on Your Site

Many web administrators and designers may not have the capacity and knowledge on how to identify doorway pages on your site. This is the reason you should look out for an experienced and professional internet marketing and SEO company that can help you identify those pages and advise you on the path to take. According to Google, there is a list of questions that can help you in the identification of doorway pages.

  • Are the pages aimed at optimising for search engines and directing visitors to the target website or are they relevant and usable pages that enhance your site’s user experience?
  • Do the pages rank for generic terms yet the page content is specific?
  • Is there duplication and aggregation of items such as products and locations while the same already exists somewhere else on the site for purposes of capturing traffic?
  • Are the pages keen on drawing affiliate traffic without creating value in functionality or content?
  • Do the pages have links to the other parts of the site or they exist simply as islands?

The answers to these questions will help you determine the perception of Google towards your site pages and help you on how to identify doorway pages on your site.

The Impact of the Doorway Ranking Penalty

The impact of the doorway ranking penalty is likely to be strongly felt on landing pages that are used in most Google AdWords campaigns. However, this is not very clear because landing pages are mostly used for paid listings and not for organic search engine optimisation.

Pages that violate the ideals of this penalty will certainly suffer with some going through a complete de-indexation from Google database while others suffering devaluation in ranking hence pushing them deeper into search engine results.

In order to save your site and your business from the impact of the doorway ranking penalty, you should hire a credible SEO company that is able to analyse your site, recover your penalised pages and put in mechanisms to prevent future penalties. We understand what Google doorway ranking penalty means for SEO and branding and that is why we take every step to ensure your investment is safe.

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