SMO Social Media Optimisation

The use of social media in brand building, lead generation, and in enriching customer experiences has made lots of businesses to focus on this rather novel way of doing business. As a matter of fact, almost every business today does have a Facebook fan page, Twitter handle, or LinkedIn company page but the question is –Are these channels giving you value for your money and time? Well, if you do not have an SMO Social media optimisation strategy in place, this may as well be a pipe dream.


In its basic terms, social media optimisation (SMO) refers to the use of social media platforms to generate publicity and enhance social awareness for your brand, product, or event among your target community. The types of social media that businesses can leverage on include blogging sites, RSS feeds, social networking sites, social news and bookmarking sites.

There is a close similarity between social media optimisation and search engine optimisation because both have the ultimate goal of creating awareness and generating traffic for a particular website. With the huge potential that social media optimisation presents to businesses especially in this era of mobile technology, you cannot afford to turn a blind eye against it.

The major search engines including Google, are increasingly utilizing social network recommendations to help them in ranking web pages in search engine results pages (SERPs). The implication here is, when a user likes or shares a webpage on social networks, search engines count this as a “vote” for quality. This is why as a professional social media marketing company we put a lot of emphasis on proper social media strategy formulation and execution.

Though related to search engine marketing, SMO is much more powerful because it focuses on traffic generation from other sources in addition to search engines. What more! The ability of social media optimisation to target a particular geographic segment is critical in reaching out to potential niche customers for lead generation and enhanced conversion rates.

Social media optimisation is also an integral component of viral marketing techniques. Through an effective social media optimisation campaign, the power of viral marketing also known as viral seeding can be enhanced. Take for instance the fact that 80 percent of all the activity on Pinterest is generated courtesy of repinning. Through the utilization of alternative social networks and following social trends, websites can manage to hold onto existing clients while at the same time prospecting for new ones.

For organizations and business that care about their reputation, SMO Social media optimisation can enhance their online reputation management strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (SMM) is one of the buzzwords in today’s business environment. Hardly a conversation or TV commercial ends without hearing or seeing the words “like our page”, “Follow us”, and such other phrases. All SMM programs are targeted at creating content that is inspiring, educative and shareable across social networks.

SMM is founded upon the vibrancy of social networking sites. When companies take the bold step to join, locate and interact with their customers directly on these sites, the feedback they get and the social proof they earn is worth more than the sales they make. Customers are looking for a brand that ‘talks’ and interacts with them. With lots of buying decisions made online and specifically on social media sites, not being active on these platforms can as well mean being out of businesses.

With the vast amount of information available on social networks about the products and services customers are likely to be interested in, detecting of buying signals becomes much easier. Through social media analytics, marketers can get insightful data from questions posted online and content shared to help them target the relevant prospects in their social media marketing campaigns.

Why it’s Now Necessary

If you have been wondering why it’s now necessary more than ever to have a solid SMO Social media optimisation strategy in place, look at these statistics. According to Hubspot, close to 92 percent of marketers claimed that social media was central to their success in 2014. Out of these 80 percent attributed the rise in traffic to their sites to their social media efforts. The Social Media Examiner also found through an online survey that 97 percent of marketers are currently very active on social media. SMM is not a fuss, but rather a reality that every marketer needs to embrace.

Looking at the manner in which engagements in social media enhance brand recognition, improve brand loyalty, offer more opportunities to convert, increase inbound traffic and enrich customer experience, there is no doubt whatsoever as to why it’s now necessary for every business worth its salt to invest in social media marketing.

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