Repair My Brand Scam

Please be aware there is a scam going around from a company called Repair My Brand, the email I received is below,  I got the email from Allyson Legendre. these people will post lies about you so they can charge you to remove it, scum bags really.



Your company has a Complaint in the first pages of Google search results and it might affect your online reputation. This is the link to that report:


People don’t ask for character references anymore, they ask Google. And what Google shows people — accurate or not — is your reputation.

Bad search results can be a real problem.

Unfavourable search results influence how recruiters, insurance companies, loan officers, potential clients and business partners, and even romantic interests view you.

Why reputation matters

Misleading, inaccurate or negative links in your search results adversely affect the impression you make when people ‘Google’ you and can materially impact you or your business.

How we can help

Our reputation web-services help you look your best when others search for you by promoting accurate information and burying misleading materials.

We make it so people will only see good links about you when they search your name. We have an easy sign-up process and accept credit cards online.

Any business can afford our service starting from only $149 per month…

Don’t let the internet scare off your customers! How many positive links do you have in first pages of Google? We can improve your image!

Is your online reputation worth $149 Per Month?


Toll free number: (888) 723-7162 NOT A REAL NUMBER

Phone: (321) 327-9428

This is how it works, first hey will post on this website unfortunately anyone can place lies on this site, they are not held responsible, he lies posted about me was by a made up person called Lesley 123. You can find out more about this here it looks as if this has been going on for some time. They want money from you for posting lies about you, truly these people are stupid.

These type of people are scum, they are posted everywhere about there scam and I have also reported them to the authorities.

If I get more of these type of scams I will post here, I have nothing to hide and all my clients and more than happy with everything we do for them.

If you get any emails your not sure about my advice don’t open it.




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