Okdokey SEO Team Helps Yet another Client in Gloucester

http://okdokey.co.uk/seo/Since we began our website, we as a team have had an aim to provide the highest quality of service to our customers as possible, and it is always satisfying when we receive appreciation letters from our clients. Whilst we do not actively look for praise for our work, we always like to highlight when someone has had a particularly good experience with us, and let you know what kind of experience our clients are receiving.

Here is the message that we received recently from Rachael from Gloucester.

“We have been very impressed by Okdokey’s ability to deliver great results so quickly. Their SEO and web development team took my website from low traffic to high traffic. I highly recommend Okdokey if you are looking for results and a very good R.O.I


Rachael is a professional recruiter for a company called “Wavelength Recruitment” and when we received her request to amplify her site’s SEO and web development, our team got straight to work on applying their years of expertise to help her get the results she desired. As you can see, Rachel is yet another pleasantly surprised client, who has significantly benefitted from our SEO services, and it would be our pleasure to work with her again in the future. Upon initial evaluation of her website, we noticed a few areas that required tweaks in order to be fully optimised for traffic, and as such, when we applied these tweaks both her traffic and conversion rates have increased massively.

Search Engine Optimisation in Gloucester.

With the sheer number of websites that are currently on the Internet today, you cannot afford to ignore the position of your site in the Google search rankings, and you must ensure that anyone who visits your site is going to have the best experience possible. Our team of expert web developers have spent years in the field, in order to learn what the core aspects of a successful website are, and through our knowledge, we can help to provide your website with the best chance of outranking your competitors.

One of the main things that we tend to focus on when looking to improve one’s rank on the search engines, is how well their chosen keywords are integrated into their content. SEO is all about ensuring that when someone searches for your targeted keywords through the Google search engine, your site is one of the very first results people see. This way, the people who are finding your site are going to be interested in what you have to offer, and as a result, you will see an increase in conversion from traffic to sales.

If you are like Rachel and have a website that is in dire need of our SEO and web development services, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get in contact. We will respond as soon as possible, so that we can arrange to perform a full evaluation of how your website is currently performing, and apply our expertise to optimise your site to its full potential.

Email us here info@okdokey.co.uk

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