okdokey scam by Complaints Bureau


complaints bureau scam

It seems that there has been a complaint against our services by a person which as it happens is a false complaint against us. To be honest, people like the ones who complained are occupational hazards and they really aren’t something to be worried about. But we find it to be our duty to oppose such false accusations.

We should have it known, that our services have been well esteemed and that we tend to give our hundred percent at our job. It has already been out under notice that a scam has been going around. The scam made on us has been put forward by a company named Repair My Brand and placed on the complaints bureau. This scam has been a big set-back for us since in all our years of service, not once have we been subjected to any kind of complaint, much less to be accused of scamming.

In the complaint, one ‘Leslie and Derrick’ have mentioned that they had purchased from John Simmons a package which promised a complete web design and SEO services. Additionally they also mentioned that we had also put in one month’s social media marketing which was to be used to launch their business. They claim to have lost £3700 to us. We find it necessary to mention that there is no record of any purchase by any ‘Leslie and Derrick’ in our book, plus we would never charge even close to that amount.

We would not have bothered with this one scam against us except that by some means they managed to get to the first page of the Google search results. Okdokey is a perfectly authentic company with every service as authentic as it gets. Even a tiny complaint against the services of Okdokey is taken very seriously and steps are taken to make immediate amendments. With all our staff at Okdokey working hard, a scam like this was the last thing we expected.

People tend to check reviews on the services that they intend to avail and since this wrong complaint on complaints bureau made against us has managed to climb on Google, we decided that an immediate action was required. The main motive behind these kinds of scams is mostly blackmail for money. It must be repeated that these kind of scams have been going around for quite some time and we would also like any other company out there to be wary of any such scams and take the necessary steps beforehand.

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