Link Building Plan and How it Works

The Evolving SEO Environment

Google has turned the tables on SEO content providers and other industries based on the internet. The Panda and Penguin updates really made life miserable for providers who were involved in black hat SEO techniques such as using low quality content and artificial link building or inferior quality links. While the Panda treacherously hunted down websites with poor content, the Penguin update was used to bring down websites using inferior quality links. As a website owner or a blogger, your primary thoughts would obviously be working on a favourable solution to work around this situation. With the SEO environment constantly evolving with new trends and regular algorithm updates, you need to work on building your links the right way if you want to make the most of the current situation.

Link Building: Making the next move

The recent turn of events requires taking a lot of care when it comes to building new updates. If you want your website to stay up in the rankings or if you want to launch your new website with positive results and high traffic, you need to work on building your links organically and in the most effective manner. Here are some pointers that could help you keep things in your favour.

Overkill: Do not cram your article or web page with too many links. Two or three would more than do the job for you. It needs to look natural.

Point with Purpose: You need to think about where your links are pointing to. Will they take a reader into another dimension entirely or are they actually engaging to somebody who is hooked by the original content.

Add Depth to your content: When you use links, be sure that they point to different URLs and not the same location again and again. This can be a great setback to your search engine rankings. If you use three links, make sure that each link takes the reader to three different locations.

Make the Most of your Keywords: It would be a crime to waste your anchor text on non-descriptive links such as “read more” or “check this.” You also need to refrain from sending them to your home page as well. Make the most of your anchor text by using the target keywords to milk out maximum SEO juice.

Keyword Mantra: The standard technique to adopt when you use keywords is to use them in your heading, your lead, and finally, your links.

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