Internet marketing plans for 2015

When it comes to internet marketing plans for 2015 where do you start? If you are like many companies and now looking for new and fresh ideas, now trolling the internet to find some inspirations. We have put together just a couple of ideas that may help plan your internet marketing for 2015.

When it comes to instant results and getting sales there is nothing better than pay per click on google. This great internet marketing tool even though it can be expensive, it is a great source for bring in new customers.

The main thing to keep in mind is to make sure your adverts are eye catching and relevant to your website or lading page. There are many factors you must be aware of, the following list my help a little.

Pay Per Click

1/ Probably the most important part of all is to do your research on the desired keywords you want to target, there is no point going for keywords that are hardly searched on Google. Remember this is all about getting people to your website then converting to customers.

2/ The advert must be relevant to the landing page or website. You can get a penalty, move down the rankings and even pay much more per click.

3/ Make sure the advert is eye catching with maybe a great offer, most people give things away free to attract more clicks, from there it is down to convert those to valued customers.

4/ Try to make sure your ad appears at least in the top of page 1 and within the top 3 on the page.

5/ Keep an eye on the progress of the adverts, it’s very easy to find yourself dropping down the rankings with other companies being a higher bidder on the same keywords.

Get these above correct you have a great chance of making instant money, for more information here is a direct link to adwords

Search engine optimization or SEO

When it comes to your internet marketing plans for 2015, SEO could be a good alternative a bit long winded but the returns can be huge. Maybe many people are still saying seo it’s rubbish, doesn’t work blah blah blah, well someone has to be on top, and what is the point of spending thousands on a great looking website if no one can find it?

Google is constantly changing the rules when it comes to seo, but do it correctly and do it to the new algorithms you will soon jump up the rankings.

Here the main rules when it comes to seo.

1/ Again do your research get the right keywords to target, I always say go for a medium size keywords, meaning the keywords that gets a lot of traffic will take a long time to reach the top pages, a medium will be much quicker. Get this part right and before you build your site if this is possible.

2/ Optimize the site to the keywords you have researched, this means have the right amount of words in each page, example say you are targeting – I LOVE BURGERS, I suggest first this would be your title, make sure it is in the very first paragraph, add in the text on the page 3 time and make 1 time bold. Titles are also known as H1 tags – main title, H2 tags lowercase and bold sub titles. Next step is the title tag and the description tag, no need for adding keywords these days. DO NOT REPEAT ANY TITLES OR URL’s in your website.

3/ Link building – ok here is where you need to be careful, do not buy links or traffic, you site will soon vanish if you do. The best and strong links should be on Domain Authority sites higher than 30 and Pr sites from 1 up. Content is king and these days make sure it’s at least 700 words to sustain and last longer on Google. Write to blog owners that are relevant to your services or products, check it’s a decent site first mind. I could go on for ever about what to do and not to do, please contact me about link building, always happy to help

Also here is some great information about link building

Social Media Marketing

There are so many social media platforms these days, one I recommend now is Facebook pay per click, it’s not too expensive and it is much targeted. With the new improvements now on Facebook the results and very convincing and showing good results.

You can target down to age, sex, location, there likes and so much more. Again do your research, find the right target keywords and have a great looking advert then it is just about converting clicks to sales. I use many platforms myself but depending on your business LinkedIn is very good for targeting companies but much more expensive than Facebook.

Digital Marketing.

There are so many things you can do in 2015, we always recommend not to put all your eggs in one basket and try at least 3 ways to attract new customers. Below are many ways you can try when it comes to digital internet marketing.

1/ Pay Per Click

2/ Social media Marketing

3/ SEO

4/ Video Marketing

5/ Banner advertising

6/ Email marketing


Well we hope this gave your some ideas to try in 2015, yes okdokey do all of above and yes we do free quotes and always happy to give loads of free advice.

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