Effective Tips to Guide Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media sites including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram have become a meeting point where marketers interact with prospective customers. Knowing how to use social media platforms to advance your marketing agenda can boost your brand profile and increase traffic back to your main site. There are effective tips to guide your social media marketing campaign that will enhance your conversion rate and subsequently return on investment.

Just as search engine have evolved in terms of algorithmic changes and their approach to site ranking, social media networks have also considerably evolved to become more effective and more dependent as tools to market your products. In particular, Facebook and Twitter have changed the algorithm over time to encourage user engagement and quality content. This is why marketers must change their approach to social media success measurement from the old metrics of page likes and followership to modern performance measurement techniques.

As a blogger, social media marketer or site administrator, you need to embrace effective tips to guide your social media marketing campaign and view your social media approach as part of a broader content marketing and blogging strategy. This will help you achieve more tangible results.


Isolating and Focusing on the Most Profitable Platforms

Depending on your business niche, there are certain social media platforms that are more rewarding than others. Understanding your brand strategy and the message you want to get out to your audience will help you in isolating and focusing on the most profitable platforms. It is almost impossible to master all platforms but when you concentrate on a few that are effective to your business promotion strategy, then chances of success are very high. Remember that productive traffic generation and engagement happens only on platforms where your audience frequents.

For instance, if you are targeting women buyers or your business is in the clothing industry, Facebook and Pinterest are the most effective channels. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for consulting and information-based business niches. Isolating and focusing on the most profitable platforms helps you to channel your budget on the platforms that yield the most.

Create and Organise Your Social Media Calendar

Time is of essence anywhere and more so in business. Spending time online should be rewarded with a corresponding increase in returns. As a social media marketer, you need to ensure your engagement online is time bound and purposeful. According to research, 74 percent of marketers witnessed an increase in their web traffic when they allocated and limited their focus to just six hours every week. Organise your efforts and time around the most effective tasks.

Social Media Content Optimisation

Content marketing on social networking sites or blogs is never complete without a social media content optimisation strategy. Your content must be structured in a manner that enables it to be shared across platforms and groups. This will not only give it a maximum exposure but enhanced engagement as well.

The choice of your headlines and your writing style must appeal to the audience you are targeting. You can do A/B testing for your headlines to see the ones that capture your audience before posting your content. Twitter Cards, Facebook Open Graphs and Rich Pins can significantly boost your post when enabled. The images included and your meta description should also allow for search engine robots crawling. Floating social media widgets such as AddThis or DiggDigg can enhance your social media content optimisation.

Utilise Social Media Management Systems

Social Media Management Systems are excellent platforms that empower you and your team to manage several social channels from a centralised location. They enable you to deepen your audience engagement without necessarily spending so much time hopping from one social media site to another. They have a collection of tools to help you publish, aggregate and respond to multiple social media channels all from one place. Among the common social media management systems include Hootsuite, Expion, Involver, Buddy Media, and CoTweet among others.

Repurpose Your Content

Your audience is likely to have different preferences when it comes to content consumption. This is why you need to repurpose your content. A good way to do this is to convert your blog posts from text to audio or even videos. Lots of people enjoy podcasts more than they do text. You do not need specialised skills in creating audios and videos. You can use Windows Movie Maker for this as it is free and comes with your Windows OS.

When you repurpose your content, you also increase chances that your audience will share it in their social circles. Be careful to include some links back to your original post and main site. This will give your content credibility.

The effective tips to guide your social media marketing campaign discussed here can potentially move your ranking and profile in the eyes of your audience from anonymity to superiority.

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