Domain Authority, Page Rank and Your SEO

Search engines and particularly Google have been updating their algorithms regularly so as to take into account additional factors to help them in offering quality search results. Social factors have been at the forefront in these updates since social sharing is one of the indicators of popularity and authority. Domain authority, page rank and your SEO are inseparable and determine to a large extent your online success.

Domain authority is a measure of how powerful your domain name and page rank is and it plays a huge role in search engine ranking. In order to establish the true measure of domain authority, a complex combination of factors were brought together which take into account elements such as the diversity of backlinking domains to assign a score ranging from 0 to 100. A new site has a score of 0 while a very high authority site may have a score of 80 and above. The best way to enhance your overall domain authority is to improve on your SEO.

Improve Your Quality of Backlinks

Backlinking is the best strategy to improve your organic search rankings. However, not all links confer the same authority to your site and hence you should be cautious on the quality of your backlinks. There are many factors that determine the weight of your inbound links. To enhance the quality of your backlinks, you should consider following elements:

The Relevance of the Source – Site relevance is a primary factor used by search engines in their ranking algorithms. A backlink can be relevant on a number of levels including the relevance of the linking site, the relevance of the content surrounding the link and the relevance of the specific page that has the link on it. A quality backlink has a higher relevance.

The Trustworthiness of the Source – Search engines use trusted seed sites such as BBC, The Huffington Post and Wikipedia to test the level of trust a given linking site has. This is because these seed sites are high quality and as such difficult to get links from. The fewer the number of links a site is from these seed sites, the higher its level of trust and link quality.

Anchor Text Link Used – The words forming the clickable portion of your link text should be similar to the words that you are targeting your rankings for. If for instance, you are linking for mortgage advice then the link text can have words like professional mortgage advice, mortgage guidance and other similar texts. This increases the quality of your backlink.

Other factors that improve the quality of your inbound links include in-content links and links from high PageRank (PR) sites.

Get Better Results on Your SEO

Search engine optimization is all about organic ranking which in turn depends on the quality of the links that are coming into your site. In order to secure an impressive position on search engine results pages, you should leverage more on the quality other than the quantity of inbound links; 100 low quality links can be outdone by just 2 or 3 links from high quality sources. This guarantees you better ranking results.

SEO is broadly divided into two categories; onsite and offsite. As opposed to onsite which focuses on your main site architecture and user experience, offsite search engine optimization deals with everything else outside your site and the success of this category is mainly influenced by link building. Quality backlinking enhances chances of social sharing which means a lot of visitors will find their way to your site. This creates a social signal to search engines and this can drastically improve your search engine results page positioning.

Why Low Value Backlinks Affect You

Poor and spammy sites are the origin of low value backlinks. These sites violate most of the guidelines that are set by the search engines and hence any link originating from them tends to carry low weight in the eyes of search engine spiders.

Search engines value unique content and penalize borrowed, scraped and lightly repurposed content. Since low quality backlinks come from low value content, search engines penalize these links as well and your site which is the recipient of these inbound links will suffer.

The ultimate aim of search engines is to give its users quality results and hence the importance of domain authority, page rank and your SEO cannot be underrated. When relevant and authoritative third party sites link back to your main site, you will be a valuable resource in search engine’s eyes.

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