Digital Marketing in Gloucester for Gloucestershire Companies

When it comes to digital marketing in Gloucester we take it very seriously. If you have a professional company you will understand to not have all your eggs in one basket when it comes to marketing. This seems to be problem for many start-up companies here Gloucestershire, this is normally because of funds available.

Some recommendations below, use more than 1 every time.


Part of digital marketing in Gloucester is SEO ( search engine Optimization ) its true it can take some time to work but in the long run this will give you plenty of enquiries. Yes Google is trying to stop this but my thought is that they will probably never be able to do it completely. We learn every code they make to get rid of the dodgy seo, we do this to keep on top of all the algorithm updates, this is very important when you have clients paying you for your services. SEO works, we have many clients on the top of Google and getting huge amount of traffic and sales from our seo work.

Pay Per Click

If you have the funds available we highly recommend using PPC on Google, done correctly can convert to instant sales, but be aware if not done correctly can cost you big time. We set up many campaigns for our clients and we take time to target the correct keywords. We also take time making sure the clients have a great landing page that’s relevant to the ads. Did you know you get penalties for not having relevant landing pages and even pay more per click..

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is free but does take a lot of time and effort and if you are not sure what you are doing may end up a cost. Reputation is king, great pictures and even great videos. Grow your popularity and do not shove your products or services in people faces, not a good idea. Pay per click on Facebook can also be very rewarding and cheap, you can set the campaign to the right location likes and dislikes, age and so on, it is very good when you know how.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising can keep you in the eye of every buyer on the internet, it can even follow people around who clicked on one of your PPC adverts, and this is called re-marketing. All you need is a great eye catching designed banned with a great call to action. Next step is finding high traffic sites that are relevant to place your banner, yes it costs but in the right location can be very re warding.

Video Marketing.

Get a great video then optimize it well, people prefer to watch and listen than to take time to read, don’t make it long and boring, short and to the point. People also like to share great videos, you could be famous well your company. Get this right and the video could be hanging around the internet for years, all with your logo and details of your company on.


A great business man once said to me, it’s all about perception of your company, if you look the business you will get the business. Get a great looking website done, stand out or even better make them think you are a huge company that offer what they are looking for. Trust me it works and it will get you plenty of business.

These are just some ideas based around Digital Marketing based in Gloucester, Gloucestshire, yes it is also full of keywords and a target area. Blog and do plenty of it very important part now of SEO.

Good luck with your venture, and if you need some advice please just get in touch, always happy to chat.

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