All your leads in one basket: Why you should have more than one way of getting new customers

All your leads in one basket:

Getting new customers is no easy feat. While your current methods may be working now, that might not always be the case. Let’s say you have a lot of traffic coming from Facebook and you’re drawing enough people in to keep the business running smooth. Suddenly, Facebook decides to change their policies. Now when you post an update, not everyone who liked your page will see it and you’re left with fewer people clicking through to your site. If that was the main source of your customers, then you’re left with fewer sales and there’s not much you can do about it.


This scenario has actually happened. Just a while back, Facebook updated their policy such that fewer people saw your posts. You have to pay them to let 100% of your followers see your update. That’s another expense with no guarantee of good returns.


You can see why it’s important to have more than one approach when it comes to getting leads. As a business owner, you don’t want to be at the mercy of just one platform. A better approach would be to have different avenues to get new customers. If one of them takes a sudden dip in traffic, you’ll have other ways to keep the boat floating while you recover.


So, what other options are there? Well, there are quite a few: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine optimisation(SEO), Email Marketing, Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising among others. We recommend that you use at least 3 of these methods. That way, it won’t be overwhelming and your business will have enough leads coming in from multiple sources.


Let’s take a look at each option to see what the best fits your business.


SEO – Just google it.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO may sound like a fancy term, but it’s actually very straightforward. The goal is to have your website rank as highly as possible for certain search terms in Google or any other search engine. For example, let’s say you’re someone who owns a pub in Gloucester and you have a website about your fine establishment. If someone googles “pubs in Gloucester,” wouldn’t it be great if your pub is one of the top search results? That’s sure to increase the chance of getting that person to walk through your doors.


It’s important to note that no one can guarantee a top rank for any search result. There are simply too many factors to take into account. However, there are ways increase the likelihood for this to happen, and one of that is SEO.


Social Media Marketing – It’s the latest craze.

Social Media Marketing is still relatively young compared to the others, but it’s getting the most attention. Back in the day, it was every business owner’s dream for their establishment to be promoted via word of mouth. Social Media Marketing is sort of that dream realized. Through social media, anyone can put up a post that can potentially be shared to thousands of people. If that post happens to be about your business, each person it’s been shared to is a potential new customer.


You’ll notice I said “sort of.” That’s because there some caveats. For one, you don’t have a lot of control on what’s being shared. Also, like the scenario mentioned in the beginning, rules and policies can change in an instant. But when it’s done right, it can be a powerful tool to grow your business.


PPC – They say ads make the world go round.

Pay per Click Advertising, or PPC is simply advertising adapted to the digital age. If you wanted a spot in the local newspaper you had to pay a fixed, usually very expensive amount. There’s no guarantee if that’s advertising money well spent. With PPC you’ll be able to post an advertisement to sites like Google or Facebook and make the most of your investment. You can even set a daily budget so the costs will be kept under control.


The beauty of this method is that you only pay for ads that are actually clicked. For an ad in the paper, there’s no way of knowing how many people actually read it. With a PPC ad you’ll know your advertisement has at least been read and clicked. That’s money well spent.


Email Marketing – The old guard.

With Email Marketing, the goal is to get a potential customer to sign up to your mailing list. From there you can work on promoting your business straight from their inbox. Email has been around since 1993, so you might think it’s obsolete. However, research by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company shows that, compared to social media, Email is almost 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers.


One of the reasons for email’s dominance is the lack of distraction. Think about it. When browsing your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed, you’re bombarded with everything from breaking news to updates from your friends. On the other hand, your Email inbox is filled with items you specifically signed up for – things you’re actually interested in. It might take a bit more work to get someone to sign up for your mailing list, but it’s worth it many times over.


Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, you’ll never get any customers. Anyone who wants to build a sustainable business should look into ways to diversify the way they get leads. That way you’re not at the mercy of any single method. If you’re from Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucester or Cheltenham, contact OkDokey today. They’ll help make sure you can reach out to potential customers from all corners of the internet.

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